Monday, 7 July 2014

Healthcare Improvement Scotland filming spend increasing year on year (unlike carers' allowance)

For information, here is an FOI Request response, courtesy of Dr Peter Gordon, received on 4 July 2014, with a breakdown of costs incurred by Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) "making, developing and promoting through film", Video and Photography costs, since they "came into existence" on 1st April 2011.  A total of £89,233.

Note the payment of £13,350 for a Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) film.  
(I am hoping this was not for the Stratheden Hospital based film, prompted by HIS, on the topic of restraint which I had to complain about, when finding it on the SPSP-MH website, and get it removed.  Twice.)

screenshot of "fun stuff" video on SPSP-MH website October 2013

I'm just an unpaid carer on £61/week, and mother, who has been singlehandedly picking up the pieces after traumatic dehumanising psychiatric treatment of my son in Stratheden Hospital in February 2012, but I am thinking that £90K is no small amount.  

I am wondering if the content of these films justifies the amount of money spent on them?  I do hope that someone, somewhere, is holding Healthcare Improvement Scotland to account and making sure they do what it says on the tin.

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