Monday, 23 June 2014

Healthcare Improvement Scotland really does have to start doing what it says on the tin

Strapline of this blog post is the subject line in an Email sent yesterday to high heid yins in Scottish Government, in response to the news that yet again NHS Fife isn't telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, about what's going on at Stratheden Hospital.  

See blog post 'NHS Fife finally admitting the truth about Carstairs State Hospital patients at Stratheden'. 

And here's the body of the Email sent to HIS, Scottish Patient Safety Programme for Mental Health and government Mental Health Division high heid yins:

"It is time that Healthcare Improvement Scotland got their act together and did the job properly.  The safety of patients in psychiatric settings is too important a task for hierarchical shenanigans and public servants not being accountable.

Spending bucketloads of dosh on making films and talking nonsense really does have to stop.  The "fun stuff" video that was prompted and filmed by your folks was a step too far.  Making fun of restraint after what happened to my son in these wards is an absolute disgrace and, in my opinion, shameful.

I may only be a mother and unpaid carer but I deserve respect, especially since I have been picking up the pieces after the dehumanising treatment of my son in Stratheden Hospital.  With no support and on £61/week.

I expect to see improvements and for HIS to live up to its name

You might describe it as "getting them telt".

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