Friday, 6 June 2014

correspondence with Dr Denise Coia, Healthcare Improvement Scotland Chair on my exclusion from IIMHL patient safety exchange (no comment)

Here is a record of my correspondence since Wednesday with Dr Denise Coia, Healthcare Improvement Scotland Chair, who is a consultant psychiatrist and former Principal Medical Officer (Mental Health) with Scottish Government. 

I was trying to find out why I was excluded from the IIMHL Scottish patient safety exchange.  Unfortunately after asking many questions and receiving two letters from Dr Coia I am none the wiser.   

Here is my final Email written today at 6.38pm where I admit defeat, giving up any hope of being listened to or of having a voice in the matters of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme for Mental Health and Healthcare Improvement Scotland:

Letter from Dr Coia 6 June 2014:

My Email with list of questions, seeking answers:

 Letter from Dr Coia 4 June 2014:

The end.

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