Friday, 30 May 2014

just heard that I'm banned from the IIMHL patient safety exchange in Scotland

Here's an Email I've just sent to IIMHL (international initiative for mental health leadership) exchange folks:

"I am writing to let you all know that I have just received a phone call from Ruth Glassborow, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, who tells me that I am not welcome at the Scottish Patient Safety exchange with IIMHL and therefore will not be allowed to attend on 9/10 June.  Ruth tells me that the decision was made by herself, Penny Curtis, Scottish Government mental health division, Johnathan MacLennan and Jo Matthews whose job title I believe is "head of safety".

Ruth said "we don't feel it will be for anyone's benefit" for me to attend (what about my benefit?).  And that if I attended then others wouldn't attend.  Not sure who the "others" are as Ruth didn't say.  In a sense I am being sacrificed for the "others".

Although I have been banned from the IIMHL exchange I will still be attending the Manchester IIMHL conference and have booked my train travel and accommodation, paid my own way.  I hope to catch up with you there, if you can risk it, and to hear what my Scottish colleagues are saying about patient safety in psychiatric settings here in my homeland.  I'm thinking that my story might be different to theirs. 

So much for "voices of lived experience" being heard.  Only in certain settings it seems."

My reaction to the news?  I laughed.  And I'm still laughing about it.  How daft.

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