Tuesday, 13 May 2014

comparing NHS Fife to NHS Forth Valley in terms of Registers of Interest (drug company payments)

I've been checking out the Registers of Interest in NHS Forth Valley compared with those in NHS Fife.  The former is very detailed while the latter tells me very little about hospitality or payments from drug companies to health board staff.  

The Forth Valley Register details the pharma company eg Janssen-Cilag and amounts spent, on sandwich lunches or trips to London or "educational" meetings.  (some psychiatrists seem to have weekly lunches, not sure why)  Whereas the Fife Registers have very few doctors listed on them and the pdf documents have no hyperlinks to them, so the public can't see what's in them.

For example, here is the link to the Kirkcaldy and Levenmouth CHP Register of Hospitality and Interests 2013 where I am told there should be psychiatrists listed (a Fife psychiatrist told me this).  It appears to have only 2 doctors listed with Nil beside their names, neither of them psychiatrists.  What about all the other doctors and psychiatrists in Fife?  Does that mean they have something or nothing to declare?  Who knows, I don't.

I do wonder why government isn't holding doctors and psychiatrists accountable in respect of links with drug companies.  What is the point of having registers if they are not adhered to?  It seems to me, a non-medical person and someone who has been forcibly treated with psychiatric drugs, that doctors and psychiatrists are a law unto themselves. 

HDL 2003 62 is a Scottish Government guidance document "on joint working between NHS Scotland and the Pharmaceutical Industry, which is transparent and improves patient care".  It sets out Action by Health Boards and Trusts: "Chief Executives are asked to establish a register of interest for all NHS employees and Primary Care contractors and produce local standing orders specifying who is responsible for keeping and maintaining the register.".

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