Saturday, 5 April 2014

my tweet opinions at #seeme14 on 3/4 April 2014, Dunblane, Scotland, on storify

[a taster from: my tweet opinions at #seeme14 on 3/4 April 2014, Dunblane, Scotland]

"An event to "re-found" the Scottish anti-stigma campaign 'See Me' which I attended along with up to 200 others, many of them people with "lived experience", some of us calling ourselves psychiatric survivors, activists and human rights campaigners.   Many voices expecting to be heard."

"I think Ketso is more of an educational than an engagement tool. All the writing activity isn't suited to everyone. (it would be useful in adult literacy work) It suited me as I'm a writer, also a speaker, so while writing lots of leaves I could speak at the same time, influencing the table discussion. So the game's a bogey regarding encouraging weaker voices. Something to think about for any future #seeme events, in my opinion."

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