Monday, 31 March 2014

I've started new blog to house pharma specific topics

I've started a new blog The Pharma Chronicles to collate pharma posts, articles and other information in the one place.

Introduction to the first April newsletter:

"This is the first edition in a collection of writings, articles, blog posts, video links and other information about pharmaceutical topics in mental health from the critical perspective.  Because I am a psychiatric survivor and unpaid carer of many family members, now and in the past, who have been given mental disorder labels/diagnoses because of experiencing altered mind states/psychoses.  Resulting in coercive psychiatric drug treatment if non-compliant/unwilling and prognoses of severe and enduring mental illness which required inner strength and resistance to recover from.  

My aim is to question:
  • the wisdom of neuroleptic drugs as the main/only tool of choice in psychiatry
  • the ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest when psychiatrists and other mental health professionals align themselves with pharma through “educational” events and consultancy roles
  • the issues around long term use of neuroleptics, the risks of chronicity, disabling health conditions and reduced quality of life
  • what Scottish Government is doing to protect the rights of patients, service users and carers in mental health matters, from the disabling effects of neuroleptic drugs and unethical prescribing, and from the profiteering of pharmaceutical companies for whom patients may only be a means to an end

I also want to highlight alternative approaches and ways of working with people in mental distress, altered mind states and emotional crises, that don’t have to involve psychiatric drugs."

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