Sunday, 16 February 2014

what happened when the King of ETC (et cetera ...) visited the Land of Make Believe

[Once upon a time there was a psychiatric establishment called 'The Land of Make Believe'.  Where some people wear uniforms (I'll call them the Uniform) and the others don't (I'll call them the Others) - see previous story on Notes]

The Uniform and the Others in the Land of Make Believe were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the King of ETC (et cetera ...).  Each of them thought that the great King was coming on their behalf.  

The Uniform were sure He was coming to knock some sense into the Others while the Others believed that the King was on their side, one of them and would set them free.  I wonder who was right?  I think the truth of the matter lay somewhere inbetween. according to the King's way of thinking. 

The great King, who had coffers of gold and lived far away in an ivory tower, was going to help the Uniform and He was also going to help the Others.  He believed this absolutely, in his heart of hearts, and had devoted his life to proving it.  (although it hadn't yet been proved in the Real World).

Eventually the great day arrived and the King was approaching.  Fanfares of trumpets and cartwheeling clowns had been arranged to welcome His Majesty.  The Uniform were excited.  The Others were happier than usual, smoking helped.  

The pills and potions, administered by the Uniform on order of the great Wizard or He Who Must Be Obeyed, kept the Others under control.  Or so the Uniform thought.

The King had brought his ETC machine with him.  A fancy contraption with bells and whistles which seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.  Some of the Others began to have doubts as to the wisdom of putting their trust in the King's ETC contraption. 

In particular the Others who had learned to avoid the pills and potions by magic tricks and sleight of hand.  They recalled the stories from their Real World existence about the Emperor's New Clothes and the Wizard of Oz.  Nakedness and curtains came to mind.  Doubt crept in and began to take hold of the Others.

I wonder what happened next?

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