Tuesday, 18 February 2014

what a bother it must be for psychiatrists to hear about human rights abuse in psychiatric settings

I got an Email today from a psychiatrist that named me twice, the gist of which said that my voice speaking out about human rights abuse in psychiatric settings was a nuisance, it took up too much "energy" at the meeting he led and that "Chrys has done her bit".

My involvement in the group was being dispensed with.  I was surplus to requirements.  They'd heard enough and wanted to get back to the usual business of hearing positive feedback and nice stories about how well the psychiatric staff had performed.  A tick box exercise.  It's what they are used to.  And prefer.  In Scotland's mental health world.

Ironically the psychiatrist had sent the Email to me by mistake, so it appears, and it should have gone to someone else.  I've had this happen before.  And I've done it myself which taught me a lesson, to be very careful with any Emails going out.

Och well, he'll learn.

I'm really not a happy bunny at present.  I sense that I have been used and my trust abused.  It's very disappointing.  I'll likely get over it.  Eventually. 

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