Friday, 14 February 2014

there's nothing friendly about the friendly fire

The most annoying thing for me when looking back over the years of mental health involvement in Scotland since 2008 has been the irritating friendly fire from the experts by experience which at times has been a backstabbing affair.  From people who should know better but have got too used to their positions of power alongside government and psychiatry.  But on far less wages.

I am really cheesed off with the hierarchical shenanigans and cronyism that stems from disempowerment and precarious positions within the user movement which should be incorporating survivor voices, to give them strength.  Rather they attack the stronger among us so as to keep the status quo and their place on the slippery ladder of success.

What use is that?  We need a strong user/survivor voice in mental health settings to counteract the force and power inherent in psychiatry that allows coercion and control.  Otherwise it's all out of kilter and human rights abuses will go on behind the closed asylum doors.  It stands to reason.

Critical voices are necessary for bringing balance and exposing issues so that justice prevails.  Collective action and not just jobs for the boys, privileges for the few.  Take a think to yourself and stand up for the rights of the oppressed.

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