Thursday, 20 February 2014

psychiatrists taking money from big pharma? a big No No

I've just been having an Email conversation with a consultant psychiatrist who thinks we are all equal.

Psychiatrists in Scotland get upwards of £90K/year and much more if a consultant or director or head of the Mental Welfare Commission (£160K).  Then why do any of them feel the need to take big pharma money on top of this, for being a "consultant" or whatever?  It's just greed and power, in my opinion.  

As an unpaid carer on £59/week (£3K/year), picking up the pieces after traumatic psychiatric treatment it makes my blood boil.  As a mother blamed for mental illness, as in "family history of", I think it is a disgrace.  

Shame on them.


  1. Mental Health Tribunals - only place your guilty before it all starts.

    1. there's no doubt the cards are stacked heavily against the patient at MH Tribunals. In fact the only way you can "win", in my experience, is if the psychiatrist is inept, doesn't speak English well and is a woman.


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