Saturday, 15 February 2014

Mary Beard: vocal women treated as 'freakish androgynes' in Guardian

Here's an article that I can identify with, as a female psychiatric survivor activist and recent convert to feminism in my 60's.  After reading Bonnie Burstow, feminist author and academic, and her comment that "ECT is a gentleman's way of battering a woman" and that everyone is treated like a woman in psychiatric settings.

'Mary Beard (@wmarybeard): vocal women treated as 'freakish androgynes': Academic who has faced online abuse says prejudice against women is hardwired over two millennia, from Homer to Twitter' - Guardian, 14 February 2014:
Mary Beard (from Guardian article)
"The first recorded instance of a man telling a woman to "shut up" was at the start of Homer's Odyssey, when Telemachus, son of Penelope and Odysseus, tells his mother speech is a man's business. The same language is used today in trolling, she argued. "What's the connection between publicly speaking out in support of a female logo on a banknote, Twitter threats of rape and decapitation, and Telemachus's putdown of Penelope?

"It doesn't much matter what line you take as a woman – if you venture into traditional male territory the abuse comes anyway. It is not what you say it that prompts it – it is the fact that you are saying it."

"You can perfectly well say: 'Look at you, Beard. You have got fantastic opportunities to get your voice heard.' Yet the fact remains women who put their head above the parapet have a much harder time than men. We have got to think about that in a calm, historical analytical way.

"We just have got to have a bit more onsciousness-raising, old-fashioned feminist consciousness-raising. How do we use language? Why does it matter? And how does it put women down?"

Great stuff!


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