Saturday, 22 February 2014

letter to VOX representatives speaking at Mental Health & Incapacity Conference 2014 in Fife

[Email sent by me, a Fife carer, activist and human rights campaigner, to VOX representatives who are speaking at the Mental Health & Incapacity Conference in St Andrews, Fife, which I had offered to speak at but was turned down]

"20 February 2014
Dear VOX Colleagues
I notice that you are speaking at the upcoming Fife Mental Health & Incapacity Conference.  Well done on this achievement, it's something I couldn't manage.  You are obviously honoured.
I do hope that in your speaking that you will remember those who have had their human rights abused in psychiatric settings and their voices silenced.  People like me and mine.  Who have been bullied and intimidated for expecting the human rights of people under the Scottish Mental Health Act would be protected.  (In Stratheden Hospital, Cupar, Fife)  For expecting reasonable treatment.  For expecting that carers would be treated with respect.  For expecting justice.
Even although I have been excluded from speaking at this event yet still I will be speaking on the topic of mental health and incapacity, from outside the event.  I will not be silenced and am not prepared to put up with psychiatric abuse, being in solidarity with the abused.  As you should be, if you are people of conscience.  
Regards, Chrys"

[No response as yet.]

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