Tuesday, 25 February 2014

it helps to have a sense of the ridiculous in Scotland's mental health world

I got an Email this morning that, if I didn't have a sense of the ridiculous, I might be spitting peas by now.  It highlighted opportunities in Scotland's mental health world for learning about patient safety and human rights.  You've got to laugh.  And then it mentioned VOX's involvement.  Not very funny.

I say this because of what my son went through in Fife's Stratheden Hospital in February 2012, when he had his human rights abused, locked in a seclusion room with no toilet and other humiliating treatment, euphemistically described as "care".  And no laughing matter.

And then there's VOX who are meant to be the national service user led mental health organisation and who instead are another arm of the government, along with SRN and other "worthies" funded by the public purse but overseen by civil servants.  The VOX board chair is also employed by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, a quango and government octopus.  

Keeping it in the family.

Scotland has a history of grassroots activism and empowering communities and I know this because I worked in community development since 1980.  So there is no excuse for the mental health world being a puppet to government in terms of user involvement and survivor activism.  

There has to be a shake-up and a transformation for the sake of human rights and justice.  The protection of human rights and the expectation of patient safety in psychiatric settings should be a given not a postcode lottery.  

Nothing less will do for the people of Scotland. 

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