Monday, 10 February 2014

in defence of psychiatric nurses

In defence of psychiatric nurses.  

The psychiatrist is the one prescribing the treatment/drugs which then have to be administered to the patients.  If the patient doesn't want to swallow the drug, as I didn't because I knew it would make me worse in the longer term and it did, then the nurses have to persuade, encourage or ensure the patient abides by the treatment, especially if they are detained and deemed to be "without capacity", according to the psychiatrist.

Therefore at the root of the coercive/involuntary treatment is the psychiatrist's pen, if you like.  Or the label, diagnosis, prognosis etc.  That's why the psychiatrist gets paid the most.  They are making judgements about a patient's life and treatment which may end up being lifelong, as in "severe and enduring mental illness".  All of my family got that label.  

Huh.  I never believed a word of it.

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