Friday, 21 February 2014

£4.4 million for new IPCU unit at Stratheden Hospital

In today's Fife Herald, 21 February 2014:

My Email sent to NHS Fife senior staff in response to this news:

"My son and I have just read the news in our local paper, the Fife Herald, about the £4.4 million for new IPCU unit at Stratheden Hospital, which I've put in a blog post:

I note the statement by Mary Porter that says "The provision of hospital environments which offer privacy and maintain dignity is an essential element of good patient care." and "this new unit will allow us to deliver the highest quality care to these patients in a therapeutic environment, appropriate to their needs.".  And John Wilson's quote "The replacement of the present unit with purpose-built accommodation has been one of our top priorities".

Two years ago, in February 2012, my son experienced dehumanising and damaging psychiatric inpatient treatment in the Stratheden IPCU.  In the time since we have been picking up the pieces after his traumatic treatment while speaking out about the injustices.  It's not been easy.  For either of us.

I do hope that this proposed new unit will provide a therapeutic environment.  However, to improve the inpatient experience, ensuring dignity and proper care, will also depend on therapeutic practices by staff.  This should include robust monitoring and evaluation processes, to gather feedback from all patients and carers, as to their experiences of the patient pathway, from admission to discharge.  In my judgement.

I believe that it is only when you listen to the customers of the service that you will know if the care is of the highest quality.  I have learned, from what happened in Feb/Mar 2012 in Stratheden Hospital, to question if a service is truly person/patient-centred.  To test this by asking the patients and carers what their experiences were, to hear their stories.  That's what's important and what will make a real difference and bring about real improvements.  In my experience.

I look forward to hearing positive feedback from Stratheden patients and carers that will confirm services have improved, that the environment is therapeutic, in all areas (RMO, nursing, OT, psychology, physiotherapy etc) from admission through to discharge."

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