Friday, 17 January 2014

Mental Health & Incapacity Conference 2014 St Andrews Fife - I'll be there, inside or outside

[update 20 January 2014, just heard that free places for carers from Carers Trust contact person Karen Martin - not Carers Scotland]

There are free places available for unpaid carers and service users to attend the Mental Health & Incapacity Conference on 21/22 March 2014 at The Fairmont Hotel, St Andrews, Scotland.  I've been trying to access one of these free places since 19 December, from the Law Society of Scotland, without success.

Now I hear that to obtain a free place I have to ask Carers Scotland or VOX.  Well, I'm banned from attending events by VOX so I don't expect to be treated fairly therefore my main chance is through the national carer organisation.  However I suspect that many people will want a free place as the cost is prohibitive for those of us with little money or income.

Therefore I plan to be there, outside or inside the venue, or outside the gates on the road if need be, because the topic of mental health and incapacity is very important to me.  All my family have been forcibly treated by psychiatry and to do so were deemed to be "without capacity".  The only way they can override our wishes and disempower us.

Human rights abuse in psychiatric settings must stop.  The Mental Health Act for Scotland safeguards aren't safe.  At the whim of psychiatrists mental patients can be declared "without capacity", denied independent advocacy, locked in rooms with no toilet, left there for hours on end and the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland is impotent.

In fact I don't want a place at this event if it means others won't get a place so I will choose to stand outside, for as long as I'm able.  For why should unpaid carers on £59/wk have to cap in hand for a free place then wait to be "chosen"?  Adding insult to injury.  Grr ...

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