Friday, 17 January 2014

an open letter to VOX - please stop doing what you're told! get amplification!

Dear VOX (voices of experience) Scotland

If you are allocated a limited number of free places for a conference (as in the Mental Health and Incapacity Mental Health & Incapacity Conference on 21/22 March 2014 at The Fairmont Hotel, St Andrews, Scotland) and you have many more members wanting to attend then do me a favour and ask for more places.  Don't just accept what you're given.  

Think of your members.  Stand up for them.  Stop fitting in with the powers that be.  We get enough of that in psychiatric settings.

Why do you keep asking your members to compete with each other for places at events and other meetings?  Where is your backbone?  Demand more places or at the very least speak out and ask for more.  You might be paid by government but that doesn't mean you have to be their lackeys.  Get some gumption.  Please!

I'm a 61yr old granny and I won't take it lying down.  Follow my example and start to make a difference.  It shouldn't just be jobs for the boys (or girls).  We're all in it together or should be.  This "divide and conquer" mentality is very irritating.  You really do need to get a grip and challenge inequality and dehumanising treatment.  It's becoming very embarassing that our national mental health user group is seen sucking in with the high heid yins.

I hope that you will take this letter in the spirit in which it's written.  For the sake of justice and fairness.  So that we all have a chance of being included and of being heard.  You've banned me from meetings.  So be it.  But you really should be listening to critical voices and making space for everyone.  

Take a think to yersel.


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