Thursday, 7 November 2013

on being perceived as a pawn, by others

One definition of a pawn is "A person or an entity used to further the purposes of another".  

Someone a while back said to me that "we are all pawns".  In response to a collective task for a cause.  I'm not sure if he felt himself to be a pawn or wanted me to act like a pawn.  A bit of both I think.  The tasks he gave me were physically difficult, for my age and fitness.  I did offer to do other tasks more suited to my abilities but my offer wasn't taken up.  In fact it was ignored.

It put me off doing any more tasks for him although I have persevered with involvement in other groups.  These have varied in terms of suitability and satisfaction.  I'm not easily put off nowadays by exclusive behaviour or rudeness, having encountered a lot of it in the mental health world.  However I am getting a bit fed up by some of the shenanigans. 

I'm wondering why there is an expectation that people would put up with this treatment and say nothing.  I think it demonstrates ignorance and discrimination.  It definitely wouldn't encourage outsiders to join or new insiders to stay.  I assume it's cultural and has been going on for a while.  The disregard for people's limitations or abilities.

I'll be sticking around to see if anything changes or improves.  It'll be interesting to observe what if anything changes for the better.  Watch this space ....

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