Saturday, 26 October 2013

"you ain't seen nothing yet"

And now for a bit of light relief.  

Remembering the Bachman-Turner Overdrive song "You ain't seen nothing yet" from early 80's.  It was a good time for me.  I had recovered from puerperal psychosis and forced psychiatric treatment, getting off the chlorpromazine by 1979 and then in 1980, when I was a shepherdess, small flock of Bluefaced Leicester crosses, I got on the TV. 

It was the Krypton Factor show, having applied along with 10,000 other folk, was interviewed along with 500 others, mine was at STV Cowcaddens, and filmed the episode at Granada TV studios, Manchester.  

The assault course was filmed on an army camp in the moors somewhere.  My cousin who was brought up in Perth, across the road from me, now lives in Chester, also got through to the TV show.

Then in 1981 I became a Christian and my life took on a whole new way of being.  I began to be involved in the local village church, working with children and young people, visiting the housebound.  Doing summer missions at Maidens, Ayr, and weekends away at St Ninian's Centre, Crieff.

Happy memories!

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