Saturday, 5 October 2013

fun stuff video on patient safety from Stratheden Hospital staff

I'm involved with the Scottish Patient Safety Programme for Mental Health (SPSP-MH) because of what happened to my son when he was a psychiatric inpatient in the Lomond and IPCU wards at Stratheden Hospital, in February 2012.  

When he was assaulted, restrained, secluded, broke his own hand then was locked in a room in the IPCU, with no toilet or water to drink.  I was intimidated and bullied by 5 nurses, attempting to see my son at visiting time, to check on his wellbeing and also to photograph his injuries and bruises.

Recently I came upon this 'Fun Stuff' video on 'patient safety' made by Stratheden staff and posted on the SPSP-MH website.  The trivialising of the patient experience and upsetting for me to watch.  An insult to what happened to my son and no doubt to other Stratheden patients.

I immediately alerted NHS Fife managers and SPSP-MH leads about my concerns and the video's inappropriate content.  Resulting in, what I thought, was its removal from the website.  However I've just come upon another link this morning to the same video under the heading 'Pilot Ward Update - NHS Fife'.

My son was assaulted and had his human rights abused under the 'care' of these people.  And I am still having my nose rubbed in it.  

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