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"I became a victim of a sexual predator on the (Lomond) ward"

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Labi Siffre - Something Inside So Strong

#SeeMe Lived Experience Research Collective: promoting their own voices; peddling their books

I didn't enjoy the Lived Experience Research Collective launch of their Untapped Potential report on Wednesday 13 June at the Insight Institute, University of Strathclyde.  It took me a few days to recover, to get my energy back, was drained on Thursday.

What bothered me most was the exploitation of vulnerable people.  I witnessed this on Wednesday.  Spoke out, got silenced.  By Mrs Syrett.

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"Michel Syrett has combined a career as a writer on business and management in the Times, the Sunday Times, Management Today, Director, Asian Business, and the South china Morning Post with academic research for business schools such as Cranfield and Roffey Park. He is author of 20 books and reports, including three published by The Economist, the most recent of which is Managing Uncertainty" from Amazon

[My opinion: Mr Syrett is apparently an experienced academic researcher and writer on business management.  However he's not up to the mark when doing mental health action research.  The Untapped Potential research was poor, only 20 people in 6 focus groups, no one-to-one interviews or indepth recording of people's views.  Rather it was the Research Collective voices which were heard, the loudest of those his.  And peddling his books via the Research Collective .org website is a step too far, shameful self promotion.]  
Scotland deserves much better mental health user/survivor led research so that we can hear a wide range of voices reflected in reports not just the researchers.


14 June 2018: FOI request: Untapped Potential research, report, funding; "The Foundation"

16 June 2018: VOX Scotland "peer research": ever decreasing circles; out of kilter

Saturday, 16 June 2018

VOX Scotland "peer research": ever decreasing circles; out of kilter

out of kilter: out of harmony or balance; Oxford Dictionaries


I attended the Untapped Potential Launch on 13 June 2018 at the Insight Institute, University of Strathclyde, to hear about the work of the Research Collective, only to find out that it was the "usual suspects", VOX Scotland cronies in the Mental Health Foundation fold, with Scottish Recovery Network (SRN) chums and See Me Scotland input.  

It got even worse as the event proceeded with presentations by unpaid "lived experience" folk who were over-disclosing and vulnerable, I say this from many years of experience, viewing what I call "performing monkey" behaviour, "organ grinder" paid workers at fault.  It can be damaging and so I found it very difficult to sit through, the lack of insight by some paid "peer researchers" who I knew well from 10yrs ago when first getting involved in MH recovery and Peer Support via SRN.  Others I know from brief acquaintance over the years and who seem to have done well out of their "lived experience", influencing agendas, ticking boxes and getting paid for doing so.  

Attempts were made to silence me when I asked a question during a presentation, by the partner of the lead Peer Researcher who is also herself a Peer Researcher at the Mental Health and Wellbeing Unit, Gartnavel, University of Glasgow.  Keeping it in the family, all the best to them both.  People have bills to pay. 

I'd heard the university researcher speak in tandem with Prof Andy Gumley at the March 2017 'Psychosis & Complex MH Faculty event' BPS/DCP in Stirling University, in praise of psychiatric treatment and MH Nurses, from the service user perspective. This was when I was still heading for a PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Edinburgh, supervisor Prof Schwannauer, mentor Gumley.  PhD withdrawn May 2017.  My experience of MH Nurses hasn't been positive, similar to many other folks' and there wasn't that balance during their Mar17 presentation.  

Balansnummer from omphalos on Vimeo.

A quote from SDSS website about the Untapped Potential event:

"VOX, the Mental Health Foundation, and the Centre for Health Policy (University of Strathclyde) have undertaken a co-produced piece of research together with the Research Collective (researchers with lived experience of mental health problems) who led the project and undertook the research. The project looked at barriers to public life, and ways of increasing the civic and public participation of people with mental health problems."

Thursday, 14 June 2018:  FOI request: Untapped Potential research, report, funding; "The Foundation"

I hold highly paid academics and ScotGov civil servants most responsible for the tokenistic involvement of people with lived experience of mental health services and challenges.  Setting us against each other to divert attention from their incompetence and inability to shift abusive systems and improve the lives of those with "mental illness".  Narrow corridors and pet projects within their ivory towers, keeping them in comfort and their cohort of "service users", and their carers, loyal.  

Scottish survivor Mothers and Others deserve better.  In my opinion.


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