Saturday, 24 August 2019

Art works in Dundee

 Oor Wullie mural at Hillclock, Hilltown, photos and video taken 21 August:

Facebook album of photos from yesterday.

A selection:

Hilltown graffiti murals

Duncan of Jordanstone Masters show

Thursday, 22 August 2019

#Gazmac Artist hopes Dundee Oor Wullie mural will help mental health discussion @evening_tele

'Artist hopes Dundee Oor Wullie mural will help mental health discussion' by Laura Devlin, Evening Telegraph, 22 August 2019:

"An artist has described how he hopes his incredible Oor Wullie mural can help open up a conversation on mental health.

The eye-catching design, which can be found next to the Hilltown clock in Dundee, aims to raise awareness of mental health and show that even those who appear to be happy can be suffering from depression.

Teaming up with Dundee artist Paul Adam, known as Sapien, Gary Mackay aimed to raise awareness of mental health struggles.

Gary, who is from Glasgow and known by his street name Gazmac, said: “I thought with the big bucket trail that is happening across Scotland, the Oor Wullie theme would be relevant.

“We wanted to do something that was a wee bit more edgy, though.

“I work with a lot of people who have mental health and addiction issues.

“It’s very relevant given everything that is happening in Dundee and across Scotland.”

It is hoped the appeal of the Oor Wullie mural can spark an investment in the city’s art scene.

Gary hopes some of his work can show the talent on show in the city and attract more people to take an interest.

And he admits that, although the recent regeneration of Dundee has brought new faces to the city, he doesn’t think the feelgood factor has extended to all areas.

Gary said: “In my opinion, Dundee has the best art school in Scotland but there are many talented artists in the city who cannot afford to go.

“There needs to be more investment in the grass roots of this kind of art so that people can show off their talents.

“There are people in this community that maybe feel left behind with all the development that is happening down the hill.

“Having this mural here shows that we can do a lot to improve and brighten up these areas.

“These locals artists can make a big difference to the community and it would not cost much at all.”

The artist also believes the success of urban art in cities like Leicester and Bristol is just an example of what could be achieved in Dundee.

He added: “These cities have embraced graffiti art and you get businesses offering artists spaces to show off their work.

“There’s definitely an appetite for this kind of thing, it’s just a question how do you utilise it.

“We had people from all walks of life come up to us whilst we were creating it and admire the work.

“The Dundee and Aberdeen fans were great also and it shows that art can bring people together.

“I have been coming to Dundee for more than 20 years now and it’s like a home from home.”

Gary and Paul’s work has been appreciated by those living in the area, with Hilltown resident Russell White, 47, saying: “I think it is good for the city. It will definitely bring people out to have a look at it.”

The positive reaction was echoed by 70-year-old Kathleen Walker.

She said: “The mural brightens the area up. There are a few empty shops around here, as well as a lot of takeaways, and this makes a big difference.”

Rosemary Lambie, 66, said: “It’s a really nice touch to have this. I just hope that nobody decides to vandalise it all.”'


Video I captured yesterday up Hilltown:



3D model of Hillclock I did 16 July:

Photogrammetry model of Hillclock up Hilltown, Dundee, using DSLR Canon EOS camera to capture 251 photos, 16 July 2019.

link to album of Hillclock photos to demonstrate actual metal fence with quotes as photogrammetry has difficulty with surfaces which are shiny and reflective (metal) or self-coloured.


Friday, 16 August 2019

cycling on the back burner until I move

I'm doing walking rather than cycling these days as it's not possible to put a bike carrier on the back of our Corsa due to brake light on top of boot, would require a tow bar to attach the carrier and we just can't afford it.  And I don't want to cycle here around Springfield, there's only the road to Cupar or by Stratheden psychiatric Hospital, main roads too busy for me, on hybrid bike.  Dundee has many cycle paths, including the Green Circular route around the city, and I'll have to wait until I move there to enjoy them on the bike.

When the weather is wet or cold I can always go to the gym after a swim at Olympia although I do prefer to be out and about, experiencing nature, parks and seeing the sights of city life.  This goes back to my upbringing in Perth town I think, also the 5 years spent in Aberdeen 1970-5, university life, going to cinemas even twice a week, cafes, shops, chilling out at the student union.  Living in the country is fine when you have a car and enough money to keep it on the road and fill it with fuel.  These 3yrs taking 2 buses into Dundee were not fun although I did try to make the most of it when possible.  Glad to have survived.

Here's the route I walked today in Dundee, going first to buy a ticket for the Dundee fitba derby on 30 August at Tannadice:

 And a wee walking video, towards Coldside Library:

I was wearing waterproof Merrell trainers but they gave me sore feet and were slippy on wet pavements.  I persevered and did the 5mls, grumping a bit ... some photos from today:

bonnie Rowan tree up Dens Road
steep path from Adelaide Pl to Albany Terr, slippery in parts

Selfie video on steps from Perth Rd down to Seabraes footbridge:

on being a good Mother & Psychiatric Abuse Survivor

at Seabraes footbridge after walk yesterday
[some thoughts on motherhood and surviving psychiatric abuse]

Out walking yesterday in Dundee, a 5 mile route up to Lochee from the Perth Road and back again to my car at Tesco riverside, I was reflecting on my life as a Mother and at times a survivor of psychiatric abuse, making a full recovery and helping my 3 sons in their engagements with psychiatry, from 1995 to 2013.  Most recently supporting my youngest son after he was subject to human rights abuses in Stratheden psychiatric Hospital, Cupar, Fife.

I loved being a Mother and enjoyed spending time with the boys, providing opportunities for learning musical instruments that I never had in Perth, mainly because we lived in a 4th floor flat and I couldn't keep the cornet in P7 or get a piano because of the noise to neighbours.  We couldn't have animals either so over the years as a Mother I had cats and Jack Russell dogs, in the 1970's working with farm animals, milking cows, lambing sheep, keeping chickens, on my inlaws' farm.  When my oldest son was about 7 I put his name down on the waiting list for a piano teacher in Lanark, we lived about 7mls away in Rigside, and I organised buying an old piano from someone in our village, bringing it to our house in a wheelbarrow.  My other 2 sons also got piano lessons when the time came, my oldest took up the flute, middle son the accordion and clarinet, drums later on, the youngest violin and bass guitar, he got piano lessons after we moved to Cupar area, was a very skilled pianist when at Bell Baxter High.  

with my sons, summer of 1998, wearing my Mum's ring, watch, butterfly necklace
I was mostly at home with my sons pre-school, after school and in the school holidays, from 1976 (oldest son born) until 1992, doing PT or voluntary community work to fit in with childcare, then I got a FT job for financial reasons, soon after this returned to FT education end of 1993, getting a BA in Admin Management, followed by a postgrad in Community Education by 1998 when I was 46.  In 1996 I had become a single parent, homeless, housed by Fife Council in a Cupar flat with my youngest son then on Easter Monday 13 April 1998 we moved into this Springfield terraced council house after experiencing anti-social behaviour from neighbours downstairs, an alcoholic partner.  My Mother had died in the March, in Adamson Hospital, Cupar, having moved from her home town of Perth to a Bonnygate flat in 1993.  She would look after my youngest son when I worked across the road in the Lighthouse Christian Book/Coffee Shop.  

I wasn't treated well by the Trustees of the Lighthouse in Cupar, including my Church Minister at the time, and this propelled me into gaining academic qualifications.  Looking back at church membership this was a common occurrence being treated unfairly, witnessing a range of un-Christian behaviours by people in positions of power.  I'd come to faith before joining Church so it didn't turn me away from God who in 2008 called me to go in for the Ministry with Church of Scotland and they put me under Rev Dr Gordon McCracken, former Deputy Grandmaster of the Orange Lodge.  McCracken gave me a hard time then did not recommend me for the selection conference in St Andrews 2009.  And so I continued in mental health matters, becoming an unwaged Carer, campaigner and whistleblower when my son was abused in the locked seclusion room of Stratheden Hospital IPCU/Ward 4 in February 2012. 

link to news article 5Oct14

It's been an interesting and challenging life of faith and psychiatric abuse survival.  Glad to say that I'm still here, surviving.  And I'm looking to get paid work, 67 years young next month, because we need a move to Dundee out of Springfield, and we're getting no help to do it.  As usual we will need to help ourselves.

And so I am doing my best to keep fit, swimming most days in the Olympia Dundee, walking, occasional cycle, tidying up the garden in preparation for a flit.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

walking for fitness & fun

I aim to do a few miles walking each day after swimming at Olympia Dundee and hope to increase distance as time goes on.  Here are some recent wee videos taken when out and about.

Reres Hill today:

Claverhouse Park yesterday:

Finlathen Park on 7 August:

Photos from today:

heading back to Sainsbury's

off Balgillo Rd

my video in Evening Telegraph 2Aug19 of Tornado steam train passing through Dundee

Remembering my wee video of the Tornado steam train passing under Seabraes footbridge on 1 August 2019 which was featured in the Evening Telegraph the next day: 
VIDEO: Iconic steam engine Tornado passes through Dundee on way to Aberdeen

Sunday, 11 August 2019

looking for paid work

I'm 67 next month so won't be looking for full time work, just a few hours weekly. It's about time that I earned some money for all the work I do.

Perth Road, Dundee, 1Aug19