Sunday, 12 January 2020

singing & playing guitar again! 🎸🎡🎀

I've taken my guitar out of its case and started practising playing and singing, and plan to do this daily for up to an hour, to toughen up left hand fingers and get into shape for any volunteering opportunities taking part in or leading music groups or singsongs.  I used to do this in the past, in communities, churches and places like schools, day centres and the like.

guitar and stand out 9Jan20 🎸

I think playing and listening to music is very therapeutic as is dancing to it!  So I've started attending a Zumba class at the Olympia, Dundee, where I swim 6 days a week in the training pool.  Here's a favourite Zumba video I recently found:

And here are some recordings I made of songs practised so far:

Wild Mountain Thyme

 Leaving of Liverpool:


Welcome Home:

I'm just printing out lyrics and playing chords by ear or memory although I do have a pile of music books and sheets:


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