Monday, 2 September 2019

There is no Justice after Psychiatric Abuse

It has to be faced, to move on with life after.  It's taken a while to come to terms with the 2012 psychiatric abuse, the worst of my 40yrs personal and family experience, engaging with Psychiatry.  The human rights abuses of the locked seclusion room with no toilet, light or water, in the old Stratheden Hospital IPCU.  The state of affairs in Lomond acute psychiatric Ward, Feb/Mar 2012, as if the Nurses had switched off, doors slammed in my face, space invasion, witnessing inappropriate behaviours, vulnerable female patients at risk and so on.  

I won't forget it, will on occasion recall on social networks what happened, and my experiences before that, as a Lomond Ward patient in 2002 and a visiting Mother/Carer in 1995/6 and 2005/8/10.  I've lived near Stratheden Hospital since soon after coming to Fife in 1990, the last 21yrs here in Springfield which is synonymous with the hospital which was built on the Springfield Estate.  I'm long overdue a move out of here.

My main aim these days is to keep fit, mentally and physically, to live long enough to have a life in Dundee.  I've externalised my distress about the lack of justice, come through nervous breakdowns/psychoses and near death experiences since 2012, self managed.  It does shake the core of your being to come through such trauma, the bullying and blaming for something that wasn't my fault.  So unfair.  It wizny me.

on my PC desk, from Open the Doors by Edwin Morgan

Glad to say that I'm now at a place where it doesn't bother me as much to speak of it.  I've externalised the pain and it has made me feel better.  That's what psychosis is like and should be a positive experience but it isn't when engaging with Psychiatry.  We need alternative ways of helping people through emotional pain without silencing them with toxic chemicals, abusing them in locked seclusion rooms, controlling them with clinical psychology.  I wish there was an appetite for Safe Houses funded by Health and Social Care or Scottish Government but there isn't.  


Today I was checking if my name was on a Dundee Allotment waiting list and it was!  I'd visited back in May time and asked for my name to be added.

It was raining a bit so I took shelter in the Eastern Cemetery then a 5 bus into town, walking back to supermarket carpark.

walked about 4.5mls in total today

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