Sunday, 1 September 2019

completed Dundee Council House Application Form: one bed Sheltered Housing

For me, on my own, a move to Dundee.  I'm 67 later on this month, not getting any younger, and I really do want out of Fife before I'm immobile and incapacitated in any way.  Have wanted a flit to Dundee since 2012, tried for an exchange also council house but no chance.  Have also checked out private rented accommodation, too expensive, can't afford it.

It's been 7 years of caring for my son after the psychiatric abuse of the locked seclusion room in Stratheden Hospital, 5 years this month since I "won" the Ombudsman case against NHS Fife for "unreasonable treatment" and received a written apology afterwards.  I got it on two points, the bare feet and underpants transfer between Lomond Ward and Ward 4/old IPCU, and the dirty protest in locked seclusion room proving that staff left my son unobserved, in the dark, no toilet, light or water, for hours on end, through the night, on at least 4 occasions.  

[I didn't get an apology for the human rights abuses, the face down restraints, assaults by Nurses and attempts made to blame me in Ward Notes and in the Adult Protection Investigation Report led by Fife Council Mental Health Officers.]

after swim, Olympia 30Aug19
I do my best to keep fit and mobile, swimming most days at the Olympia in Dundee then walking a few miles, really looking forward to living in the city so I can cycle often as well.  My car can't take a bike carrier, would have to get a tow bar fitted first or a roof rack, then a carrier, too costly.  I've not had a Carers Allowance since 2015 when receiving my State Pension and haven't earned any extra money since 2014, as scribe and mentor for my son at Abertay University on BA Hons Sociology.  

I did try to get lecturing work at Abertay, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities at various times as a Lived Experience/Psychiatric Survivor on Mental Health Nurse and DClinPsy programmes but after whistleblowing in 2012 it became impossible.  The PhD Clinical Psychology 'Safe Houses for Psychosis' in 2017 came to nothing, wasn't supported.  I hope to earn some money after moving to the city, in some capacity, so as to travel, do more leisure activities and socialise. 

I'm just glad to still be on my feet and mobile after what seems a lifetime of surviving psychiatric treatment/coercive drugging and the after effects (clinical depression, suicidal impulse, bone loss, 6in Titanium plate right fibula, decades of caring, tapering toxic chemicals).

Recent photos on walks around Dundee, seeing the sights, enjoying the landscape:

Dundee (demolition) Derby at Tannadice 30Aug19
Verdant Works Dundee 29Aug19
Reres Park Dundee 26Aug19
legal graffiti park DPM off Canning St Dundee 23Aug19

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