Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Peer Support, Navigating the System, Safe Houses for Psychosis ...

Some of the mental health initiatives I wanted to be involved in setting up in Fife and Scotland since 2008 when I organised Celebrating Recovery in Cupar, April, creating vol org Peer Support Fife and my own website Chrys Muirhead Associates in the January.

I organised this event voluntarily & many others subsequently
Peer Support Fife website archive

link to mental health matters page (website to be updated)

I'd made a full recovery after psychosis and psychiatric treatment 3 times, 1978, 1984 and 2002, so was really keen on helping others to do the same, by promoting peer support or mentoring, ways of navigating the psychiatric system and latterly safe houses for psychosis.  But there wasn't the appetite for it and the agendas of others took priority.  I'd been a "one man band" or "force of nature" (both descriptions given about me by MH managers) when running various events from 2008-12 then exposing locked seclusion room abuses, singlehandedly supporting my son, having got abandoned by MH services after raising complaints.  

I didn't choose to be a campaigner but I couldn't let them abuse my son and get away with it.  Although they did get away with it, up to a point, protected by the health board and their social work colleagues who ganged up against me.  It's a thankless task being a whistleblower about human rights abuses in psychiatric settings.  There's no profit in it or medals to be awarded.  Best not to get bitter about the unfairness.  I've got a life to live, other stories to tell, if time (and God) allows ...


Photos from today in Dundee:

selfie by son Daniel 😊
Perth Road

Sunday outing to Edinburgh and Rosslyn Chapel:

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