Saturday, 4 May 2019

voluntary psychiatric inpatients, coercively drugged, at risk of abuse

Email sent last night with strapline "my 3 sons & I were always voluntary psychiatric inpatients, coercively drugged, at risk of abuse, from 1978 until 2012" also tweeted to Scotland's Mental Health Minister Clare Haughey:

"Since 1978, in every decade, in 5 different Scottish Health Board areas, I and my 3 sons have voluntarily entered psychiatric wards as patients to be coercively medicated/drugged with neuroxins, because we experienced "psychosis".

Latterly in 2012 my youngest son had to sit in the grounds of Stratheden Hospital, 1 February, trying to get support from psychiatry, after a month of being suicidal.  He had a CPN, met with a Stratheden Doctor, but they kept turning him away.  He wanted help, went in voluntarily early that morning, was let out of the ward in the dark by a Nurse, the Police brought him back again.  The rest is history, front page news, Scottish Sunday Express 5 October 2014.

Maybe we are in the minority but that doesn't mean we are "less than".  The only treatment for psychosis in our experience has been antipsychotics, neurotoxins, forced in if resistant.  These drugs are toxic chemicals which cause disabling side effects in the short term and longer term disability and damage to the nervous system, shortening lives.  I had to taper them myself, against the advice of psychiatry who tried to make out as if I had "lifelong mental illness".  I've helped my sons to do the same, although it's more difficult the longer a person is on these neurotoxins, as the body becomes addicted or used to having them.  I've told my family and friends not to take antidepressants, too risky, and to taper down to one neurotoxin if on a drug cocktail. 

In my experience it has gotten much harder to recover from "mental illness" because of polypharmacy, the challenge of coming off a neurotoxin drug cocktail.  Much easier in 1978 and 1984 when only forcibly drugged with Chlorpromazine.  Just the one drug to taper compared to a cocktail of Risperidone, Venlafaxine and Lithium 2002-4.

I've had to take my 3 sons into psychiatric wards when experiencing psychosis (from 1995 to 2012), they went voluntarily with me, it was very hard because I knew what they would have to go through, having gone through it myself, the forced drugging and risk of abuse.  But there were no alternatives for treating psychosis and the same is still true in Fife and Tayside.  No safe houses for psychosis."


A Correction sent this morning: "my sons and I were in 3 different psychiatric wards, in Fife, Tayside and Lanarkshire.  It was my Mother and sisters who were in other psychiatric hospitals, where I visited them, in Murray Royal Perth, Gartnavel Glasgow and the Royal Edinburgh"

Tweets this morning to our Mental Health Minister:

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