Monday, 5 November 2018

nomadic lifestyle, in transition

Since the end of July when I had back strain after visiting historic sites and went back to swimming weekdays at the Olympia Dundee I've adopted a sort of nomadic lifestyle, travelling there and back, gradually shopping in Dundee for food and clothes.  My two older sons live there, my oldest Grandson, Granddaughter (other Grandson in Lousiana who I've yet to meet, he's now 7).

I've had some very negative experiences on buses, especially since the 64 route to Springfield past Stratheden psychiatric Hospital has been taken over by a new company which has no tracking App or active Twitter account.  So you don't know if or when the bus will appear, if it will be early or late.  The buses are not well made and neither drivers nor passengers are comfortable in transit, rattling along over ruts and speed bumps.

In 2012 I asked our then MSP Rod Campbell SNP to help us get a council house in Dundee but he said he couldn't.  So I tried to get an exchange, also put our names on the housing list there but we were way down the list, not enough points to ever be offered a house similar to what we now have, terraced, gardens front and back etc.  

I also considered private rented accommodation but that's not secure and much more expensive than council housing.  We've been in this house since Easter Monday 1998, shortly after my Mother died in the Adamson Hospital, Cupar, and I felt this was a God-given house, good neighbours, handy for parking, we always had a car until end of 2015.  But the psychiatric abuse of the locked seclusion room and the deterioration of nursing practices scunnered me of living here, continually reminded of what they did to me and my sons, their £4.4m new IPCU a reward from Scottish Government.

In 2002 I had remarried my husband (he said Yes) after getting caught up again in Psychiatric treatment following a menopausal psychosis/spiritual experience, going voluntarily into Lomond Ward Stratheden to be forcibly drugged with toxic chemicals.  He stood with me at Psychiatrist appointments, the father of my 3 sons.  Well done to him.  We separated in 2011, he still supports me financially which I appreciate or we'd be even worse off.  It's not easy when mental health treatment is still in the Dark Ages.  Blaming Mothers for Mental Illness, the Church of/Biological Psychiatry.  Call it what you will but it's way off track, down a dead end street.

The neglect by Fife Council social services of my neighbour of 19yrs whose husband died, she was lonely, isolated, demented, was very scunnering, and to see her in a "home" without her rescue dog, in 2017, the smell of urine in the building, locked in, other "residents" sleeping in chairs, was terrible to witness.  She had worked hard all her life, a forces veteran, paid her taxes, her husband latterly a lollipop man for years in the village.  Yet antisocial behaviour by tenants is rewarded with more support.  There's something far wrong with this equation.  

I'd previously seen another elderly neighbour also be isolated in her home, very little social services support going in.  And that's just near where I live, no doubt replicated elsewhere in Fife.  What are elected members of Parliament doing about this?  I don't know.  I've spectated at health and social care meetings, it wasn't positive.  Action is required, not just talking about it.  

Getting back to swimming, it's helping me get fit, toned up, improving my digestion without having to change diet, just eating less due to being on the move more.  I lift weights by way of shopping bags and rucksack, swinging over my shoulder, side about, saves having to go to the gym.  I've also been walking miles in Dundee city although pavements can be rough on the feet!  Need to toughen up.  On Saturday I tried out the red flume in Leisure Pool at Olympia.  Survived it and the wild waves, will go again, would like to jump off diving boards also, eventually do the faster flumes. 

It's about the long game, life.  

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