Thursday, 29 November 2018

no more Safe Houses for Psychosis; removing references

I'm in the process of removing references to Safe Houses for Psychosis as I don't have any support for it since being abandoned by the Clinical Psychology academics.  I can take a hint! 

Ten years of being sidelined, bullied, excluded, badmouthed, impoverished, for not believing in mental illness, for surviving coercive psychiatric drug treatment and whistleblowing about human rights abuses in the locked seclusion room of Stratheden Hospital.  

It's been a very challenging time, being isolated for speaking out and saying what I think.  At one point I felt very alone but I've come to terms with it.  Even those who were my "friends" weren't really there for me.  I remember thinking, with friends like that who needs enemies!

I'm glad to still think I'm worth it after being treated as "less than" by so many folk.  Just as well that I don't have any mental health issues 😊.

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