Wednesday, 7 November 2018

handknit socks on show

With the colder, changeable weather I've started wearing layers of clothes, not trousers which if wet due to rain can be chilly and uncomfortable.  So I wear a sort of uniform: above the knee skirt (covered by long length thick jacket/coat), shorts and tights underneath, with my Berghaus walking boots, sports and handknitted socks which are coming into their own!

I'd already bought a few skirts in 2017 after getting the boots, however I fell in Princes St when running wearing the boots, accompanying my son on buses to ERI for his lung op, cracked my ribs, eventually going to A&E to get it checked out, because it got worse before it got better!  Didn't know this, hadn't cracked ribs before.  Cracked and broke many other bones over the years since childhood, being an active child and person.  Liking a risk.

Here are the socks I've knitted, now wearing in boots:

First pair of socks knitted, Tiffany diamond pattern, 16Apr16
Alpine sock, 29Jan17
Jacobs 4ply pure wool 14Mar17
Austermann Step 4ply German wool zigzag pattern socks, 9Jun17
2nd pair of Austermann Step socks, 8Aug17

Here are some recent tweets of layered outfits before setting out for the 94 bus from Springfield rail station to Leuchars rail station for the 99 to Dundee and swimming lengths in the training pool at the Olympia, Dundee:

I'm still altering kilt skirts to fit and plan to make some others with dress materials I bought from Remnant Kings, Argyle St, Glasgow in 2015/6.

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