Sunday, 25 November 2018

Applying for a Council House in Dundee

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A series of tweets 25Nov18 about applying for a council house/flat in Dundee, moving to the city, earning a living, writing books, keeping fit, cycling more, shopping around, caring: 

"I could more easily get a paid job if living in Dundee. Also have more time to write & self publish books. I spend a lot of time travelling to swim, to keep fit. I'm also very fed up taking buses to get out of Fife. Not a good use of my time. I could cycle more often in city."

"I need to be more financially self sufficient. This would be easier in city. Shopping around for food. Not having to take buses & put up with grumpy drivers. Carrying bags of shopping & avoiding sudden braking, wet bus floors. Risky business. No work for me in mental health."

"I spent 10yrs promoting MH Recovery, peer support, helping many people in their campaigns, promoting their work. It cost me time, money, energy. Many of them far better off financially than I. No paid work in MH Lecturing despite my qualifications & 40yrs survivor experience."

"Water under the bridge. Survival of the fittest. Just because I care doesn't/shouldn't mean I'm a pushover."

"A new year beckons. 
New beginnings. 
I won't be changing my ways just because others have taken advantage. Their loss not mine. 
Looking forward to changes & a new home in the city. I've lived in a flat before & can do it again. There are allotments where I can garden."

"I don't have any animals now so that's not a consideration."

"I shall ask for help in completing application form, make an appointment with housing in Dundee."

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