Friday, 5 October 2018

update on my complaint about Dr Dada locum psychiatrist NHS Fife who accused me of racism

Thursday, 7 June 2018: complaint about Dr Dada letter dated 22 February 2018, allegation of racism

I had to resend my Email complaint 3 months later, 7Sep18, having received no response, and got this reply from Clinical Service Manager, NHS Fife, Lesley Tweedie, on 14Sep18:

to which I responded today in an Email, after taking some time to reflect on the letter:

"Dear Mrs Tweedie

I am responding to the letter you sent me dated 14 September 2018, see copy attached. 

I have taken some time to consider before replying. 

I was concerned to read that Dr Dada as a locum psychiatrist with NHS Fife could write a false allegation about me in a letter and not be answerable, because he has left Fife Health Board.  That in effect this doctor could say what he liked without any proof and it remains in my Notes even although he didn't know me, had only sat down with me the once at a meeting for about 10mins, which was a very negative experience, he was 30mins late and behaved aggressively towards me.  Following which I had to raise a complaint. 

I have been treated very badly by Dr Temi Dada and he has gotten away with it, is not accountable for his lies written about me in a headed NHS Fife letter and his bullying behaviour towards me in person at Weston Day Hospital in February. 

Therefore, as there is nothing else I can do to get justice, I agree to your suggestion about the recorded note.  What you have written will suffice and I also plan to write my own letter to Dr Lucy Dow, Eden Villa Medical Practice, Cupar Health Centre, copied to Dr Finlay Macdonald who I also have consulted with, to say that I had no issues with Dr Dada being a black person.  I did have issues with his bullying and intimidating behaviour. 

Regards, Chrys

cc others who were copied in to 7Sep18 Email, for their information"

I think this process and outcome is a perfect demonstration of the misuse and abuse of power in psychiatry.  They can write false allegations, bully and intimidate a patient behind closed doors and not be accountable for their actions.

I am still waiting for another appointment to see a Psychiatrist to discuss and update my Advance Statement.

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