Tuesday, 9 October 2018

swimming, jogging, novice Triathlon, wildwater

A wee blog post about fitness.  I'm swimming now up to 6 days a week, mostly Olympia Dundee but also other places when at events or visiting historic sites eg Glasgow and Edinburgh Commonwealth pools, Leith Victoria last Saturday, Perth leisure pool if in the area, Dunfermline Carnegie and Glenrothes.

I'm aiming to be competent at the Novice Triathlon which is swim 400m (16 lengths of 25m pool), 10k cycle and 2k run or jog.  I will have to improve my jogging, never really was a runner.  Not having a car it will be difficult to actually complete in a triathlon but I won't let that put me off improving my fitness to be able to do one!

I'd also like to wildwater swim, in the Tay would be braw!  Being brought up in Perth my Dad always told me not to swim in the Tay so it would be lovely to do so as a pensioner.  Coming full circle.

it was a 50m pool! got the numbers wrong


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