Monday, 15 October 2018

moving to Dundee

We are just waiting to move to Dundee.  Don't know how it will happen as we have no money to do so.  But we've had enough of living in Springfield, Cupar, Fife. 

I did ask Roderick Campbell SNP when he was MSP for North East Fife to help us get a council house in Dundee but he wasn't able to help.  I did try to get an exchange but was unsuccessful despite advertising on various websites and engaging with folk.  I have looked at private rented houses but they are too expensive and I don't want us to move into a flat as we've been used to living in a terraced house here for over 20 years.  It would be too stressful after everything we've been through, the Psychiatric Abuse and bullying in 2012, and since.

It really doesn't pay to be an NHS whistleblower but it had to be done, to improve the situation for others, although we haven't benefitted.  I could not let a health board away with abusing my son and continuing to abuse other patients in Stratheden Hospital.  It had been going on for decades, their use of the locked seclusion room with no toilet, light or water, to "manage" patients.  The dehumanising and bullying culture was allowed to foster in this psychiatric institution, other allied health professionals turning a blind eye and deaf ear.  A corporate affair.

Since having to give up our car at the end of 2015 it's been even more difficult living in Springfield, getting the 64 bus past Stratheden where my son was abused and where the new IPCU was built from the £4.4million awarded to NHS Fife by Scottish Government as a result of our whistleblowing [on being a £4.4million pound fundraiser for NHS Fife].  Well done to my Son for speaking out in public.

Express article 5Oct14

We are doing our best to make ends meet and be productive with our time, it's a challenge, staying well, especially as winter approaches.  I'm 66 years old now and try to swim most days in the Olympia Dundee which involves taking two buses from Springfield and I walk the half mile to catch the Stagecoach 94 at the rail station, changing at St Michaels to a 99.  My son stays at home most of the time, in his room, working on 3D modelling, hoping to eventually be self employed, at some point in the future, after we move out of Fife.  

It's not easy living here on a low income, carrying fresh food back in buses.  Keeping fit is a priority for me just now and I'm just glad to be mobile despite my various health conditions, including the bladder prolapse which happened after a breakdown in 2015, due to the years of campaigning for justice.  The 6in Titanium plate on my right fibula, likely caused by maximum doses of Venlafaxine, prescribed by a Psychiatrist after I voluntarily went into Lomond Ward, Stratheden Hospital, in March 2002 when experiencing a menopausal psychosis, which was also a delayed sadness at the loss of my Mother in 1998.  I had no time that year to fully grieve.  Was too busy trying to complete and graduate from a postgrad in Community Education at Northern College, Dundee, and then find paid work to support my son and I, as a single parent.

graduation PG Dip CE Northern College Dundee 1998
with son Edwin who achieved 1st class Honours Mech Eng Abertay University 1998
with my boys Angus, Daniel & Edwin 1998 Bonnygate Cupar photographer
South Inch, Perth, c1980

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