Saturday, 6 October 2018

"it is (in) the wider interests of the mental health community in Scotland that you do not attend"

Received by Email on 25 September 2018:

"Dear Mrs Muirhead 

Regrettably, we cannot accept your application to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting of the NRS Mental Health Network on the 9th of November 2018. At such events in recent years attendees have complained that you have disrupted the proceedings. Service users and carers in particular have complained that these disruptions have made them feel stressed. Accordingly, we think that it is the wider interests of the mental health community in Scotland, and those seeking to build relations between mental health professionals and service users/carers, that you do not attend.


NRS Mental Health Network Management Group"


Professor Stephen Lawrie is the NRS Mental Health Network Director.  Here he is, back row on the right, arm up in the air, living it up at a British Association for Psychopharmacology event in 2016:


NRS MH Network have blocked me on twitter from the beginning.  They used to be called the Scottish Mental Health Research Network and they also blocked me on twitter, similarly Lawrie's colleague Prof Andrew McIntosh. 


There is no room for critical or questioning voices within this "research" network headed up by Prof Lawrie who appears to be the puppet master and pharma stooge, a proponent of biological psychiatry and someone who doesn't respect the voice of a Psychiatric Abuse survivor Mother, unwaged Carer, Whistleblower, human rights campaigner in mental health.  I exposed the locked seclusion room abuses in Stratheden Hospital, Fife, which had been going on for decades.  This psychiatric hospital covers the area of St Andrews where I believe Lawrie is from.  So in effect I was doing his work for nothing while he gets rich silencing the voices of those who expose bad practices and question dubious science.

I didn't expect that my application to attend would be accepted, having attended their event last year in the Queen Elizabeth Teaching and Learning Centre, Glasgow, where I did heckle, also making a wee video, speaking to myself at the lunch break:

Par for the course, being blocked, silenced, banished from mental health events because I won't just lie down and take it.  I've 3 times resisted coercive psychiatric drug treatment and been forced to conform, tapering the drugs eventually under my own steam, proving mental illness to be a psychiatric construct.  I've got the scars and injuries to show for it.  Metal plate right fibula, after 3 fractures when walking down a stair in March 2005 at a job interview in Cupar Libary (got the job), bone loss due to max dose Venlafaxine at the menopause.  An antidepressant drug that flattened me, caused suicidal impulse and led to me being prescribed the toxic drug Lithium. 

I believe that "service users and carers" linked to Prof Lawrie's NRS MH network will be fully signed up conscripts to the biomedical model of mental illness, biological psychiatry, and that any resistance to the dogma will be met with banishment.  That's been my experience since 2008 when I first got involved in MH matters via the Scottish Recovery Network which never was, rather a government arm, targeting people on benefits.  I said this back then at an Aberdeen SRN event and was silenced by their Director who now works with Prof Gumley on his Empower Project which is really about disempowerment.  Keeping people in the system, on the drugs, dependent, or so I suspect.
Narrow corridors and pet projects.
"It's not a game when your children have been abused in psychiatric settings, forcibly drugged and locked in a cell with no toilet, water or light, in the dark for hours at a time, unobserved.  Very risky practices.  I didn't see any Clinical Psychologists speaking out about this.  Or standing with whistleblowing Mothers campaigning for justice.  They prefer to constrain, manipulate or silence our voices.  A misuse and abuse of academic power, in my opinion.  And I'm entitled to have an opinion and to state it.  Even if it results in banishment from Glasgow DClinPsy.  So be it."


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