Sunday, 2 September 2018

my faith sustains me

I woke up this Sunday morning in my birthday month of September feeling positive, as usual, after a good night's sleep, thinking how my faith in Christ sustains me.  I'm often praising God when playing music at the PC, pop tunes from the past or more recent songs, so much to be thankful for.  I seldom play "Christian" music but that's ok, I don't need to.  

I wake up to this Bible verse on my bedside table, in cross-stitch I did in the 1990's:

Beside Monkey which I've had since a baby, photos of my boys, a crochet cross I got from somewhere.  Monkey's very well worn, his foot and hand were sewn on again by me in childhood, also his eyes, nose and mouth, I must have played with him a lot.

Here's more cross-stitch beside my computer, the Jesus oval frame was one of the first creations, maybe 1993 or thereabouts, family photos, gifts received from friends over the years, the bone china oval dish with the Tangipahoa necklace resting in it is from 1975, Aberdeen, a guest house on the King's Gate where I worked, in the last year of my husband's BSc Agriculture, when we lived in Gordon House, 27 Rubislaw Den North, married students' accommodation, mostly with international couples:

I don't attend church at present which is fine, I don't need to.  I may go back in the future, it depends.  I've got a strong faith but I'm not religious, and as a Christian of 37 years (saved on my birthday in 1981 when reading the Word of God) I find it difficult to sit in a church where the Minister isn't doing the job right, without speaking out.  I've had to sit in too many churches where men in leadership were out of order, misbehaving or making a fool of God.  I cannot put up with it any more.  

Fortunately my faith doesn't depend on church attendance. I had a faith before joining the church which is just as well, considering what I've seen and heard from "men of God".  

I'll end on a positive note!  Which is where I began, grateful for feeling so hopeful about life and the future even though the last 10 years have been particularly challenging.  At times I didn't think I'd survive but I'm nearly 66 and looking forward to my 70's 😊.  Bring it on ....

Enjoying The Proclaimers Angry Cyclist album:

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