Sunday, 16 September 2018

'In the hands of others: the nightmare begins' Lin Cochrane #Psychosis Journal

'In the hands of others: the nightmare begins' Lin Cochrane; Psychosis Journal

Pages 225-227 | Received 02 Feb 2018, Accepted 02 Feb 2018, Published online: 04 Apr 2018

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From first page:

"With the little insight and foresight I had at the time, I saw the life I once had and appreciated become endless years of control and power.  And the medication and the fear of the medication.  The endless trials and various types of medication.  The continual side effects of all the drugs I have been trialled on, which over the past 38 years has cost me my physical well-being, the loss of friends and the worst isolation I have ever had to bear up to date.  Then, at the age of 29, none of this was apparent to me, except for a gut-wrenching feeling that nothing would ever be the same again."

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