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Prof Schwannauer 3May17: "I remain inspired by your motivation and energy for it"

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I was reflecting on the failed PhD Clinical Psychology journey alongside my continued promotion of Safe haven crisis Houses for Psychosis, based on the experience of supporting my son in his recovery from abusive psychiatric treatment in February 2012 in Stratheden IPCU, Fife, and coming off Haloperidol which was forcibly injected in the IPCU locked seclusion room.  My son lives with me, we share a house together.

I remembered how Prof Matthias Schwannauer in his final Email to me said that he was inspired by my endeavours regarding Safe House alternatives:

And that Prof Andy Gumley had offered to be my academic mentor after giving a supportive reference for the PhD, saying:

"In terms of her abilities, I have no doubt as to Chrys’ analytical abilities, her ability to work independently, to make arguments or her industry, interests and motivation. I have been very impressed by the level of independence, energy, speed of thinking and commitment that she has brought to her campaigning and activism and this directly corresponds to the topic area of her PhD":

And then after my PhD offer was withdrawn I heard via Emails from Dr Paul Hutton about the bullying culture within the DClinPsy programme at Edinburgh, how he had been undermined, as I had been, and this had affected his confidence, also having to defend his students when in tears.  And so I approached Judy Thomson, NES Director of Psychology, about these concerns, and subsequently raised a complaint, reassured by her responses indicating support (which didn't actually transpire).  This was a very difficult time, it took up a lot of my energy, time and commitment, but it seemed the right thing to do.  I'd talked it over with my son after having second thoughts, deciding to go ahead with the complaint.

I know about mentoring and had previously worked 2006-8 in Fife College setting up and running a student mentoring project, was involved with the Scottish Mentoring Network and with a partnership of colleges and universities working in the area of mentoring.  I have supervised students at college and in voluntary sector and statutory agency posts, in a variety of disciplines, including community education and social work.  I knew what to expect from a supervisor and a mentor, and I didn't receive it from the academics involved in my PhD.  For whatever reason.  This was a big disappointment. 

My vision for Safe Houses in Scotland for people in psychosis is still ongoing.  I cannot afford to undertake visits to safe havens and crisis houses to gather information and network, as I'm on a low income, a pensioner and unwaged Carer receiving no allowances.  However I will continue to campaign for safer alternatives to psychiatric hospital inpatient treatment for people experiencing psychosis, altered mind states and extreme emotional distress. 

I will do my best to focus on the positive comments by Professors Schwannauer and Gumley about my motivation, energy and commitment, even though the PhD didn't happen.  They are busy men with their own projects and research areas.  I don't suppose my campaign from the survivor Mother perspective was a good fit.  My childhood was a happy one and I enjoyed bringing up my boys.  Many happy memories of achievements, shared adventures and experiences:

Angus & Edwin

Angus, Daniel & Edwin

Daniel & Edwin



me & the boys at my Sister's wedding, I was Maid of Honour 1999 😍

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