Wednesday, 8 August 2018

minding your own business; whistleblowing isn't a career choice

Email just sent to Dr Margaret Hannah, Director of Public Health, NHS Fife:

"Dear Dr Hannah

This is an Email about mindfulness.

Please don't come up to me again in a train and ask to sit down next to me, just so that you can go on about retiring early on your big pension and then going on to lecture, write books and help your husband in his business.  Next time I will say No.

I'm really not interested in your ability to earn money while I get financially poorer because of being a whistleblowing, human rights campaigner in Fife and an unwaged Carer for my son who was abused by Nurses in the locked seclusion room of Stratheden IPCU, NHS Fife, in February 2012.  Fife Health Board got richer, to the tune of £4.4million, and we got nothing except targeting by DWP and bullying for speaking out about psychiatric abuse.

After I said to you about my hopes of teaching and earning some money, on DClinPsy or MH Nursing programmes, being dashed you showed no compassion at my plight, which I think demonstrates mindfulness perfectly.  A switching off to the other person's situation.  Being unable to feel compassion at their circumstances and sacrifices.

Copying in others, for their information and as witnesses.

Regards, Chrys

Chrys Muirhead
Safe Houses for Psychosis
writer, researcher, activist; cyclist, photographer, gardener, swimmer

BA Admin Management (best student); Postgrad Dip Community Education; Postgrad Cert TQFE (care subjects, 2008 Stirling University)

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