Friday, 24 August 2018

focusing on getting fit again

at Stirling Castle 23Jul18
In July I went on various outings, latterly to Stirling Castle on 23rd then Edinburgh Castle on 25th, taking public transport, bus and train, then walking up the hills, with the result that by 27 July I had a sore back, muscle strain going down into my left leg and hamstring.  The titanium plate on right fibula (3 fractures March 2005 caused by max dose Venlafaxine 2002/4, bone loss) tends to strain muscles on other side when overdoing it.  And I lost fitness after the stress of 2017 (PhD withrawal), the viral throat and thyroid cyst, caring for my son after his collapsed lung and operation in the November, and the careless discharge.

It was painful even when sleeping and I did wonder if it was my joint, couldn't
Olympia 21Aug18
jog as usual, and so I decided to get back to swimming in the Olympia, Dundee, on 6 August, taking out monthly membership through Leisureactive at £15/month for over 60's (Silver), which I had last year but stopped going when becoming unwell and caring duties increased.  I occasionally took Ibuprofen for the pain so as to walk without tensing up, exacerbating the strain.  A pulled left hamstring in September 2016 has also been acting up. 

I take 2 buses to Dundee from Springfield and have been trying out different times in the Olympia training pool to see what suits best, aiming for 3 times a week, Mon-Frid, hoping to eventually swim more lengths as the muscle strain fully recovers.  I can now jog a bit and have bought a new, smaller rucksack so as not to put so much strain on my back when walking distances or up hills.

Offroad cycling to Ladybank by railway track:

The hot showers at the pool are very useful as I only have a bath at home, and I can swim then come out to stretch under the shower, go back in and swim some more.  I would like to do a Novice Triathlon and plan to train for this, even although it's unlikely that I could participate due to not having a car now.  I've found this to be a barrier also to taking part in Sustrans Scotland groups which often meet in car parks.  Because I live in a village with only occasional trains it means I cannot get to certain places without cycling a distance.  I'm not a 50 miler. 

However I'm not going to let that put me off getting fitter, cycling and swimming more, practising running which I'm not very good at.  Can jog a bit and do a spurt to catch a bus but I've never really been a runner, more of a weightlifter and swimmer.  Never say never so I will aim to increase my running abilities by using the fitness studio aerobic or cardiovascular machines.  Maybe attend some classes which are free on the Leisureactive Silver membership

It's not been easy, the marginalisation by DClinPsy academics, others favoured, and I've externalised my distress about the way I was unfairly treated so as to keep mentally strong and confident.  It doesn't pay to be a whistleblowing, unwaged Carer and survivor Mother activist.  NHS Fife profited with a £4.4million award from Scottish Government after I raised complaints, exposing the locked seclusion room where Nurses shut my son, in the dark, no toilet or water, for hours on end, for at least 4 overnights, his broken hand untreated, February 2012.  Then we were abandoned by Fife Council Social Work and MH Services as they tried to blame me for psychiatric abuse in an Adult Protection Investigation Report.  It should not and cannot be forgotten.

I think it's about keeping a balance, in terms of campaigning work and mental/physical wellbeing, and at 65yrs young I do want to keep fit and be re-energised, enjoying life in the moment, engagements on the move, while looking ahead and preparing for other writing opportunities.  Listening to stories and telling stories.  Making the most of being a mature woman, Mother and Grandmother, celebrating old age and the valuable life experience it brings.

Huntingtower Castle 17Aug18
with son Daniel, Springfield, after he met me off the 94 bus 20Aug18 😊

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