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quote: We had a fall-out after I defended one of my students, whom he had reduced to tears

Here are a series of Emails from May 2017 after supervision with Prof Schwannauer and Dr Stenhouse at the University of Edinburgh broke down and my PhD Clinical Psychology unconditional offer was withdrawn.  

Clinical Psychologist and academic Paul Hutton (Napier University) was a catalyst in my raising a complaint about the bullying culture in the Edinburgh DClinPsy programme and the behaviour of Professor Matthias Schwannauer.  His testimony spurred me on to engaging with, and asking for support from, Judy Thomson, Director of Psychology, NES, who fund and govern the doctorate.  I believed what Hutton had told me, about the effect of the undermining treatment on his confidence, it had happened to me, and I was concerned about trainees receiving the same treatment.

Ultimately I wasn't supported by either Judy Thomson or Paul Hutton during the complaints process and eventually was excluded from the Glasgow DClinPsy programme by Professors Gumley and McLeod, excluding myself from the Edinburgh DClinPsy programme because of marginalisation.  Whistleblowing about bullying cultures is a risky business and can lead to scapegoating and abandonment.  I knew this already from February 2012, after exposing the locked seclusion room abuses, perpetrated on my son, for which NHS Fife were awarded £4.4million.  

9May17 PhD unconditional offer withdrawn
my response re PhD withdrawn 9May17

response from Paul Hutton 9May17

I was surprised and concerned by this response from Paul, his mention of "a lot of students (past and current) who are very unhappy at the way they are treated by staff in Matthias' department" and his comments about "no real alternatives".  It flagged up issues.

Then on 15 May 2017 I forwarded some tweets to Paul Hutton about a Psychosis event which didn't involve him, wondering why, since he had organised a very good event February 2016 which I had attended.  

15May17 response from Paul Hutton flagging up bullying culture Edinburgh DClinPsy

In this Email Paul talks about students and staff being reduced to tears and 2 resignations following similar treatment by Helen Griffiths.  After this, on 23 May, I wrote to Judy Thomson:

Email to Judy Thomson, Director of Psychology, NES, 23May17

I raised the bullying culture issue with Judy who I'd met before in her Edinburgh office and hoped that NES would investigate, however this didn't transpire and I had to raise the complaint myself with the University of Edinburgh, theoretically with the support of NES but I did the work, attended a meeting with Professor Charlotte Clarke in her office, which cost me time, money and energy. 

Paul Hutton Email 23May17 which mentions his formal complaint about Schwannauer

In this Email Paul says about Edinburgh University: "very prone to closing ranks" and "if you complain, you're out!" and that they are well known throughout Scotland for this.

At first I was reluctant to go through with another complaint, remembering what it was like in Fife after the abuse of my son.  However after talking it over with my son I went ahead with it because of how I was treated, the undermining of my confidence, and the fact that trainees may also be subject to this.

30May17 Email to Judy Thomson, NES
30May17 Email to Paul Hutton

30May17 Email from Paul Hutton

In which Paul describes the effect that the bullying and undermining behaviour within the DClinPsy department at the University of Edinburgh had on him: "my confidence was also damaged ... I now realise there is something quite wrong in that particular department/ University" and says 7 other staff and students were also bullied by senior academics, and that he was "sure there will be others".

And so I proceeded with the Stage 2 complaint which wasn't upheld by Prof Clarke.  Paul had warned me that this Professor was a buddy of Matthias Schwannauer so I was unlikely to be treated fairly.  The minutes of my meeting with Clarke weren't accurate and neither were the Notes attributed to Schwannauer and Stenhouse at meetings they had.  I may at some point put all these minutes in a blog post to demonstrate the inaccuracies or lack of truth-telling.  

I got no justice from raising a complaint about the undermining behaviour of Prof Schwannauer and they did close ranks, at both Edinburgh and Glasgow University DClinPsy programmes.

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