Friday, 20 July 2018

taking photographs

was thinking of language used when taking photos:
  • shoot
  • capture
  • expose
  • crop/cut
  • edit
  • focus
  • photobombing
  • flash
  • selfie
  • zoom 
  • snap
  • burst
how I took up photography more seriously after my son was abused in Stratheden Hospital IPCU locked seclusion room February 2012 and I was getting brushed off by NHS Fife Managers when meeting with them to complain.

I particularly remember a meeting at Stratheden with the General Manager where I felt disempowered and marginalised while he just sat there, doing nothing to help me get justice for human rights abuses against my son, because he didn't have to.  And so I decided to start capturing the hospital grounds environment outside, since I couldn't do anything about the inside, and put photos in a new blog, taking back the power:
Stratheden Hospital blog first post Saturday 28 July 2012: photos taken 16 July 2012

Having a camera on mobile device has helped me to be empowered and to take back the power.  I've got used to taking lots of selfies and tweeting them, in effect saying I woz here!  I also do wee videos on the move, recording my thoughts in action.  It's liberating, I find, to have the technology on hand to shoot and capture what's in front of me, or behind.  Good practice should I ever have to advocate for family members again in a psychiatric ward and witness patients at risk of exploitation.

Six years ago my son was mentally, physically and sexually abused by psychiatric Nurses and they got away with it.  I won't be letting it happen again to any of my family.  If Nurses dare to bully, intimidate and surround me in numbers then I shall capture their image and broadcast it to the world, there and then.   And if they lay a hand on me then I shall report them to the Police, for assault.

Being a practised mobile phone snapper gives me the power to expose bullies should the occasion arise when my space is invaded.  I do many shots on the move, walking, even jogging, from place to place, on buses and trains, in streets and buildings.  It's a skill that I'm glad to have gained and is useful when tweeting and writing blog posts.   

A selection of photos from last week's travels:

from Aberdour Castle
Pictish stone Meigle Museum

Broughty Ferry with bike
Dundee's new rail station entrance

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