Sunday, 22 July 2018

retaining balance

Yesterday I was out on my bike again, cycled to Cupar then got train to Markinch for Glenrothes and back again.  Had enjoyed it recently, the path by the Haig Estates buildings on one side and countryside with wild life on the other.

Markinch to Glenrothes path 21Jul18
I also cycled on roads here and there, sometimes a wobble when setting off but managing to retain balance better than I used to.  In the first 6 months of cycling I tended to fall if overbalancing rather than righting myself.  So I'm pleased to be in better control of the bike on different surfaces.  I also can go quite fast downhill, enjoying the thrill of speed!  

Last Wednesday I was part of a panel session with 5mins presentation in the Queen Elizabeth Teaching & Learning Centre, Glasgow, at the Active Minds Workshop, and showed slides on Safe Houses for Psychosis while speaking on a variety of other topics, including psychiatric abuse, marginalisation by Clinical Psychology Professors and the failure of my PhD at Edinburgh University.   I'd included some hyperlinks so that workshop participants could view these afterwards, if interested.

During the panel session and question time I had to get up from my seat to retrieve my diet coke from rucksack as I was thirsty, and retracing my steps tripped over the foot of my fellow panel member from University College London.  I may have misjudged but it seemed that his foot had moved and I did ask him if he'd tripped me up, by accident.  He brushed this off.  I also asked the cameraman who was filming if he captured the incident.  Didn't get an answer.  So I took a couple of selfies:

Then the UCL academic said to me I could be a Shepherd's Pie, this was in response to my talk with a vet lecturer in audience, where I mentioned having been a shepherdess, lambed sheep. I didn't take kindly to being described as a Shepherd's Pie or mince, and said so to him.  I was glad to have retained my balance when tripping, in the past I would likely have fallen flat on my face.  

Some more photos from yesterday's cycle trip:

parking up bike at Morrisons Glenrothes
in Glenrothes, Auchmuty, map out!

in Morrisons cafe

at Markinch rail station for train to Springfield

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