Sunday, 1 July 2018

a slap on the face @dropthedisorder life isn't fair

I heard last night that Psychotherapist Jo Watson and Clinical Psychologist Lucy Johnstone have given a platform to Clinical Psychology Professor Matthias Schwannauer at the Edinburgh event they are running on my 66th birthday, 28 September.  It felt like a slap on the face and was upsetting.

A Disorder for Everyone!

"This day is for anyone who is interested in and concerned about the current debates in 'mental health.' It provides a space to explore the critical questions of the day around the biomedical model and the narrative of 'diagnosis and disorder!'"

I won't be going. 


Monday, 2 July 2018: "We had a fall-out after I defended one of my students, whom he had reduced to tears"

PhD withdrawn blog page

Tuesday, 9 May 2017: PhD Clinical Psychology University of Edinburgh - Withdrawal of Offer 9May17

"Life isn't fair Matthias, you are correct."
Thursday, 4 May 2017: "no way we can guarantee success": the breakdown of supervision; "slumbering time bomb"

Monday, 29 May 2017: disempowered

Monday, 19 June 2017: toxic supervision

"At the final supervision meeting on 2 May 2017, I felt ganged up on, undermined and bullied, my research proposal on evidencing Safe haven crisis Houses was questioned and criticised, and I was made to feel "less than".  This was particularly cruel because I'm a lone "worker", unpaid Carer, campaigner, writer, activist, with no team to back me up." 
Saturday, 28 April 2018: telling the truth, exposing psychiatric abuse results in banishment from DClinPsy
"There's no money to be made or jobs to be had if you are a whistleblower about systematic abuse in mental health settings.  It's not a good career move and won't make you any friends in academia.  Rather they will set you up to fail and poke fun at your straightforward ways and plain speaking.  They will assume the high ground with you and take every opportunity to manipulate, undermine and make out that you are "less than".  Then it will be all your fault."

on Calton Hill, Edinburgh, after my final meeting with PhD supervisors

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