Thursday, 3 May 2018

when push comes to shove

Some thoughts about the coercive nature of mental health organisations and clinical psychology academia in Scotland, their allegiance with the status quo and the power behind the throne.  Their resistance to system change and preference for constraints and compliance.

Psychologists use the "3rd wave" therapies to keep folk compliant in the system rather than psychoanalytic psychotherapies to help folk gain insight and independence.  Even befriending would be far more useful if they were able to do it hands off, without interference or intervention.  What use therapy if it's only an excuse for tying a person into an oppressive system and making them "grateful"?

There are few pressure groups in Scotland's mental health world because it's too risky to complain.  The advocacy isn't really independent because it's funded by statutory agencies and the national body SIAA won't stand with complainers.  In 2009 the Fife user-led group TODAY campaigned on their own against the tendering of MH advocacy and I stood with them outside Scottish Parliament, my first time of speaking out in public:


Although to be honest I wasn't very sure of the background and main points but that didn't stop me having a go as there was no-one else able to speak out.  Into the breach.

That same year I got "involved" in DClinPsy Glasgow, attending a "service user" research meeting at the Admin red brick building Gartnavel led by research fellow Dr Ross White and Prof Andy Gumley.  I didn't get invited back, it went nowhere, and despite many years of trying to be included I was sent packing in 2017, having been ganged up on before this in December 2014.  

There is no room for survivor Mother voices within DClinPsy programmes in Scotland or in many other MH organisations and scant recognition for abusive practices in psychiatric and mental health settings.  Whistleblowers and complainers are not respected, the default behaviour is scapegoating.

Spitalfields Market London 17Jul16 on way to Brick Lane

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