Wednesday, 16 May 2018

thyroid cyst & viral throat:"nothing to worry about" re cyst

Update: attended Ninewells for scan 16 May and was told by Doctor that there was "nothing to worry about", two small cysts on thyroid, no need to have fluid extracted 


Yesterday I attended the ENT (Ear Nose Throat) Clinic at Ninewells to get a thyroid cyst checked out.  I've had a sore throat for about 6wks now and got a chill on 3 April after meeting with managers at Stratheden Hospital to discuss my complaint about the old-age Psychiatrist who I met in Weston Day Hospital Cupar on 15 February about my Advance Statement.  I woke on 4 April with a sore neck and went back to the GP, eventually being told it was a viral infection and that I had a thyroid cyst which may have been there for a while.

I wasn't surprised about the cyst and am glad to get it checked out.  The consultant said I'd get a scan and fluid extracted by needle, to find out if there was anything untoward, the worst case scenario surgery.  Should see the doctor at Ninewells in about 6wks time after scan and test results are in.

I've not been able to cycle much this year because of flu viruses, firstly in January when it affected my ear, lost hearing for about 6wks, then more recently the sore throat.  Last year was difficult, a number of stressors, although through it all I managed to enjoy bike adventures by train and even ferry, the weather often fair and warm.  


I hope to get back out on the bike soon, the weather has been much colder this winter and is still chilly, below 10deg.  Gardening is another therapeutic exercise but I'm missing the physical exertion of cycling, it's good for my bladder prolapse and left hamstring injury, also for balance which can be iffy due to 6in metal plate on right fibula, causing muscle strains on left side, so I do a lot of stretching, at bus stops and elsewhere.


Because of my ill health I've not managed the trips which I'd booked to Ireland and Wales (next week) which is disappointing, and costly, therefore in the future I won't spend money on travelling to gather information for Safe haven crisis House research, rather I will do this virtually by Email and online searches, to compile a report.  I cannot afford to fund action research as I'm on a basic state pension, dependent on family for extras.  

The PhD at Edinburgh Clinical Psychology department could have been a useful means to do funded, qualitative research, but I wasn't supported well enough by academics supervisors and mentor, for whatever reasons.  This was very disappointing but I've been getting over it by externalising my distress at what felt like their lack of faith and marginalisation.  It seemed that they preferred folk who were grateful and knew their place in the hierarchy.  I cannot play that game. 

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