Wednesday, 23 May 2018

on being a £4.4million pound fundraiser for NHS Fife

I did it by whistleblowing about the psychiatric abuse of my son in the locked seclusion room of Ward 4/IPCU, Stratheden Hospital, by Cupar, Fife, in February 2012.  Which resulted in £4.4m being awarded by Scottish Government to NHS Fife to build a new IPCU.

Well done to Mother and Son Muirhead team who live at Springfield, Fife, where the village bus, number 64, goes by the old Stratheden IPCU/Ward 4 and the new build £4.4million IPCU.  We don't have a car now and I often get the bus, for a food shop in Cupar or to go further afield, to swim in Dundee or travel elsewhere.

link to Express article 5 October 2014

NHS Fife Spring 2015: Replacement of the Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit

We got poorer in the process of speaking out.  It doesn't pay to be a whistleblowing mental health human rights campaigner.

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