Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Kool & The Gang; Glasgow DClinPsy at MH & Wellbeing (purportedly) Unit (correct name)


A short blog post to complain about the gang culture at Glasgow DClinPsy Programme where if you conform and are grateful for pennies then you'll be "in" whereas if you are free thinking, independent of mind, have an opinion, have survived psychiatric abuse, then there is no place for you.  The favourites will gang up when an opportunity arises and you will be blamed for it.

I spent 8 years trying to be meaningfully involved in the DClinPsy programme, through research, teaching, mentoring, but it was impossible to be respected for my age, experience, qualifications and abilities.  Rather I was expected to be an apprentice on little or no wages, to take part in communication skills training delivered by Prof Gumley that I could have delivered far more competently and to attend CBT/IPT workshops as an "assistant" to "professionals" who faffed around, it has to be said, because it was badly organised.  Not their fault, they were practitioners in the main.

I hold the highly paid Professors to be responsible for marginalising the real experts by experience, keeping them and us under wraps, poorly paid, disrespected, treated like zoo animals and at times setting us against each other, for sport.  I also blame NHS Education for Scotland for failing to ensure MH service users, survivors and carers are properly remunerated, respected, held in high regard by the DClinPsy academics at both Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities.

We are worth more than this sort of treatment.  Dr Jack Aitken is correct.  I am aiming to cause a disruption to the order of play at the Glasgow Mental Health and Wellbeing Unit which is nothing of the kind.  Same goes for Edinburgh DClinPsy programme where the culture is equally toxic.


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