Sunday, 20 May 2018

it's still too risky in Fife to raise concerns or complaints about mental health matters

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Unfortunately it's still too risky to raise concerns or complaints about mental health matters, particularly if an unwaged Carer, survivor Mother or service user, in my experience recently when attending a MH Engagement Event organised by the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership (FHSCP).  

I was shadowed by the Divisional General Manager of FHSCP Julie Paterson after joining the Early Intervention discussion table because of having raised concerns with her about Dr Simpson's leadership.  Ms Paterson sat down right next to me and at times joined with others in an attempt to silence my voice.  The same thing had happened at the MH Focus Group on 1 May which she attended with Cllr Tim Brett, and I spoke out about it then also.

Fife does not have independent MH advocacy and I brought this up during a Scottish Parliament Summer Cabinet meeting in Kirkcaldy, 23 August 2011, when Nicola Sturgeon was CabSec Health.  Cllr Tim Brett was present that day, together with Chief Exec of NHS Fife, George Brechin, who retired in 2012.  I spoke to them both August 2011 about my concerns regarding the lack of independent advocacy for people with MH issues in Fife.

Nothing has changed in 7 years.  There is no independent advocacy in Fife and we are not free to speak out with a questioning or critical voice.  Too risky.  It will result in a coverup and silencing.  I won't be attending any other Fife mental health meetings.  Over six years since my son was abused by MH Nurses in the locked seclusion room of Stratheden IPCU/Ward 4 and Fife Council Social Work tried to blame me for it.  Nurses got away with it, protected by their health and social care colleagues.  There is no justice for those of us who were abused in psychiatric settings. 

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