Thursday, 31 May 2018

how long are you going to be a whistleblower?

me & Dr Hannah 18Jan18 Cupar cafe
A question that was asked of me by Dr Margaret Hannah, Director of Public Health, NHS Fife, at a meeting on 18 January in a Cupar cafe, together with the Divisional General Manager (social worker) of Fife Health & Social Care Partnership.  I was a bit taken aback by this question, didn't think of whistleblowing as time limited.  

My answer was something like: how long is a piece of string, and, as long as it takes.  Once you start exposing psychiatric abuse you can't stop speaking out about it.  It's a matter of justice and I was also asked what justice would look like, consist of.  Here was my response in an Email:

"You asked me at our meeting on Thursday about justice.  What would it look like or something to that effect, in relation to the systematic abuse of my son in Stratheden IPCU/ward 4 locked seclusion room, February 2012.

Here's my answer, as spoken by Thucydides "There will be justice when those who are not injured are as outraged as those who are".

I don't see any evidence of that.  Yet."

At the January meeting the social worker Julie Paterson mentioned the Fife Council Head of Housing by name (I've met him) and talk of a new build Crisis House possibility, which may have been in relation to the whistleblowing and justice discussion.  I'm not a mindreader, it wasn't spelt out, but NHS Fife have already benefited to the tune of £4.4million because of my son's suffering while we have gotten financially poorer, no Carers Allowance now as I am in receipt of a basic State Pension.  And I cannot get any MH teaching or lecturing work due to being a whistleblower, campaigner and activist.  There's no money to be made in exposing systematic abuse.  You won't be popular.  So be it.

The social worker also suggested that I might take some MH Focus Group service user members with me when researching safe haven crisis houses.  I just thought, what a cheek.  An insult and lack of respect for all the work I do, voluntarily, while she is on a big pay, was promoted from lead Mental Health in 2012, the year her team tried to blame me for Nurse abuse in the locked seclusion room, in an Adult Protection Investigation Report.  They abandoned my son and I after his discharge from Stratheden Hospital, April 2012, we got no community MH support through Fife Council social work after raising complaints.

Let them pay me and other psychiatric survivors, mental health service users, a proper amount of remuneration, comparable to what MH Tribunal general members are paid, £400/day plus expenses, to be meaningfully involved.  We deserve it.

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